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23 April 2014 Claudia | Leave a Comment | Interview, Talk Shows

Before to attend the Tribeca premiere of Chef Sofia was guest on Seth Meyers show to promote the movie, although the conversation with her can go to anything but the promotion, and that’s why I love her so much. Enjoy stills (which hopefully I’ll switch with HQs soon) and video of the interview. Sofia wore a wonderful Roland Mouret dress.

Gallery link:
Television Appearances > 2014 > April 22 | Late Night with Seth Meyers

23 April 2014 Claudia | Leave a Comment | Appearances

Yesterday in New York took place the Chef premiere during Tribeca Film Festival and our GORGEOUS Sofia took part to the event in a splendid Zuhair Murad white dress. Enjoy the 181 HQs I’ve saved also thanks to my friend Lindsay who donated some of them.

Gallery link:
Public Appearances > Events in 2014 > April 22 | Tribeca Film Festival: “Chef” Premiere

I’ve added HQ behinds and stills from one of upcoming episodes of Modern Family. Enjoy them in our gallery!

Gallery links:
Modern Family > Season Five > Behind the Scenes > 5×22 – Message Received
Modern Family > Season Five > Episode Stills > 5×22 – Message Received

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Finally a video of the whole interview of Sofia for Good Morning America.
Edit: Thanks to Fran we got the video added to the archive.

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The first clip from the movie Chef with Sofia came out. Enjoy it below:

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Sofia was a guest of Good Morning America this morning and I added HQs from it. I hope to find a video of the interview soon!

Gallery link:
Television Appearances > 2014 > April 21 | Good Morning America

20 April 2014 Claudia | Leave a Comment | Interview, Media Alert

Get a peek at the star’s cover shoot, and learn how she went from dental school student to Modern Family star.

Sofia Vergara may be best known for her role in ABC’s Modern Family, but there’s so much more to the star than being Gloria. Here, the actress shares her favorite workout classes, what she looks for in a great restaurant, and what she dreamed of doing before she got into show business.


20 April 2014 Claudia | Leave a Comment | Articles

What makes Sofía Vergara nervous? Well, threesomes is one thing.

The beautiful Colombian actress opened up about her big sex scene with co-stars Sharon Stone and John Tuturro in the upcoming film Fading Gigolo, and couldn’t help but admit that it made her a little anxious (who could ever imagine why?!).

“At the beginning, I was a little nervous because…I’ve never done anything like this, not in real life or on camera,” Vergara reportedly revealed. “So it was a little nerve-wracking.”

Luckily, she had some help from Stone, who is no stranger to doing racy flicks (like Basic Instinct, for example).

“When I arrived on the set, Sharon was very supportive,” Vergara said. “She was very nice. She told me, ‘Just follow me, I’ve done this many times, it’s going to be fine, just relax.’”

During an interview with E! News, the brunette beauty jokingly said, “Fortunately, I’ve never fell into that point of having to pay for sex, but I don’t wanna judge anyone and after seeing the movie, it’s true, some people are lonely and I think life is short and you should do whatever you need to do to make yourself happy and enjoy your life. And if you can afford it, why not?”

Watch the clip below to hear more about the sexy film, which hits theaters on Friday.


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